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Coming Up

  • Huge Revamp!:

    Someday, you're going to wake up, get out of bed and turn on the computer. Someday, you're going to go to your favorite site (Emiko's Genesis, of course! ^.-) and realize that things are A LOT different! ^_^ Wait for it, because that day is approaching!

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    more coming soon..

  • Genesis Shrines:

    more coming soon..(if you make them!) ^_-
  • Update Jan 1st, 1999!:
    Happy New YEAR!!!
    We took a visit to the Anime Web Tunpike on New Years! Take a look! Umm..as for this page...Ian-san has a message below. ^^;; Oh, don't forget to vote!

    Click to vote for me

    Here are the latest pictures by Ian-san! They don't have a home right now, so they go here! ^^


    Message from Ian-san
    Hi all, yeah, can you believe it, Emiko managed to drag me out here to explain what's going on with the page revamp. ^^;;
    *holding the keys to Ian's chained feet and hands* Victory!
    Yes, well, *ahem* Anyways, I am really sex sites AU sorry for the lack of updates right now. I posted news of free sex app an impending revamp in August. Since then, the revamp casual encounters underwent over 10 redesigns, all in an attempt make the page oh-so-much better.

    Then, somewhere along the way, I got bogged down by my job, moving back home, the holidays, and commission work that's not Genesis related. ~_~;;

    Uh huh, uh huh. So what're you going to do about it?
    Well, until I get the commissioned work out of the way, there's not much I can do!

    However, things will pick up speed. shortly. The commissioned work is almost done, and I don't have a full time job anymore. Meaning that I'll soon be able to commit more time Meet-N-Fuck.net to the web page re-design. ^_^ I won't be accepting any new commissioned work, unless it involved the promotion of Emiko's Genesis in some way. How's that, Emiko? ^^;;

    Eh, I don't know....what about the comic?
    Umm....some people have been asking about that. You all may not know it, but the second part of MeetLocalMilf.com issue 1 was completed in mid-August. However, given that many have already paid good money for hardcopy versions of Issue 2, it just wouldn't be fair to post the entire thing on the internet. I'm trying to get a on-line ordering system in place, but it's not easy.

    Issues 3-5 should be done by summer this year. Issue 5 is a stand-alone issue, starring the very sexy Emiko and Mika! ^_^

    Flattery will get you no-where, bub. ¬_¬

    Well, this isn't exactly reassuring testimony, but don't worry guys and gals, I'll be keeping a close eye on him. I'll stick to him like glue...

    r-r-really? *nose bleed*
    pervert!! *whap!*

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